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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

23rd November 2017

Posted on 11/23/2017 by host2 host2

A pure bar of silver.......

Our placing of 69th in the Trout Fisherman magazine is still puzzling me with our continued flow of "quality" rainbows. I've studied other waters fish that have been on Facebook and in the magazine itself and I'm frankly amazed how they actually seem to think they are noteworthy catch. Spilt tails, bent spines, blind eyes, red spot and flank damage just doesn't seem to that fact I'm a bit dubious on the weights as most fish are usually held at arms length! Anyway enough of my thoughts I'll leave the thinking to you guys and I'll just continue with what I do. Fish of the week goes to Mr James Hughes from Manchester with a pure bar of Pennine silver, another fish tipping over the 20lb mark. He caught the fish on a home tied peppermint tadpole fished from a floating line. Other notable catches were Mr Mark Crook from Co Durham with 21 fish best weighing 13lb all to bloodworm patterns fished from a floating line and Mr Paul Noble with 18 fish to snakes and flappers all from a intermediate line.

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